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Fire and FireRobots (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android) games - Testing AppGameKit Studio

Inspired on this amazing classic Game & watch:


I made this:

Screenshot 2019-09-15 at 16.39.36

And then updated the graphics to this:


Well, I wanted a project to test out "AppGameKit Studio" so I recreated it (mostly from memory with the help of screenshots I found on Google)… added a splash of color to the 30+ years black & white screen, some sound (I have no memory of what it sounded like, I assume some 8-bit "beeping") and made animations smoother that actually make gameplay better than I remember it to be.

You can download the "Classic" version with the "pixelized" graphics (Mac / Windows):

… or jump to the "modern looking" remake (Mac / Windows / Linux):

Play on your phone or tablet:


Play in your browser:

- Fire Classic
- FireRobots

(These are slower versions of the games…. you should really download them for your computer: it is MUCH better!!).

Regarding "AppGameKit Studio", it's a rather cool engine, very easy to learn… You can script the game engine in C/C++ or in a "basic like" dialect (similar to Blitzmax, without OOP). I like it. This quick game was coded in under 3 hours, so… it does what it says in the tin… :-)