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Arcade action frog (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android) - Testing AppGameKit Studio

Mac / Windows / Linux versions

Mobile versions

I am a huge fan on the original Frogger arcade, however there is room for some improvements, so:

- altered the original pixel perfect collision: you have a more lenient system detecting collisions with cars, logs, crocs mouth (when it opens), turtles and goal slots.

- The composition of each lane of objects you avoid (on the road) and use (to cross the river) is now constant. This means that when the game accelerates you have some muscle memory on your side.And the game does get a lot faster as you pass each level.

-We are not in a hurry for a new player to insert fresh coins, so the difficulty level increases in a gentler pace as levels go by.

This is not the finished game. However it is playable, so have fun.

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There is a web demo, that is slower and has some latency reading the keyboard. The downloadable version is a lot better:

Fire and FireRobots (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android) games - Testing AppGameKit Studio

Inspired on this amazing classic Game & watch:


I made this:

Screenshot 2019-09-15 at 16.39.36

And then updated the graphics to this:


Well, I wanted a project to test out "AppGameKit Studio" so I recreated it (mostly from memory with the help of screenshots I found on Google)… added a splash of color to the 30+ years black & white screen, some sound (I have no memory of what it sounded like, I assume some 8-bit "beeping") and made animations smoother that actually make gameplay better than I remember it to be.

You can download the "Classic" version with the "pixelized" graphics (Mac / Windows):

… or jump to the "modern looking" remake (Mac / Windows / Linux):

Play on your phone or tablet:


Play in your browser:

- Fire Classic
- FireRobots

(These are slower versions of the games…. you should really download them for your computer: it is MUCH better!!).

Regarding "AppGameKit Studio", it's a rather cool engine, very easy to learn… You can script the game engine in C/C++ or in a "basic like" dialect (similar to Blitzmax, without OOP). I like it. This quick game was coded in under 3 hours, so… it does what it says in the tin… :-)