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Angry about Joe Rogan’s views and Spotify?

Paulo Laureano
Paulo Laureano Opinion

Just an average Joe, thinking aloud; it can be a train wreck. But, he does not pretend otherwise.

Joe Rogan is a podcaster. A very successful one. He signed a deal with Spotify, worth around $100 million, making him exclusive on the platform and a massive reference in the podcast business.

“The Joe Rogan Experience” started in 2010; The podcast has guests who discuss every conceivable topic, from martial arts to politics. Joe Rogan is a curious, easy-going host; he does not pretend to be an expert on anything outside martial arts and comedy and is not afraid to dwindle into whatever his guests have to offer. This includes science, conspiracy theories, politics, and morals.

Joe Rogan’s opinions are heartfelt and honest. While he may stray into the crazy territory and have misguided views on many subjects, you see the genuine individual struggling to figure things out. So, many times that struggle to find facts by simply googling or looking at a random video on youtube and forming opinions in real-time is a big part of the show’s success.

It is not a science convention. It was never presented as such to the listeners. Instead, it’s your “average Joe” talking to guests about random subjects. Sometimes the guests are fantastic and help the host reach illumination; other times, they are not quite that awesome and drag Joe into cuckoo’s land. That matches what it says in the tin: it’s “Joe Rogan” personal experience exploring many subjects.

Unfortunately, as the show is tremendously popular, sometimes there are harmful consequences to Joe’s beliefs. Stepping on science and public health matters may lead listeners to make poor choices and eventually die. However, I honestly don’t feel it is fair to blame Joe Rogan. He is just being himself; he never pretends to be a perfect human being or educated; he is just sharing his own experience. These are not TED talks. He is not a medical doctor; he is not an educator. Instead, he shares his own options concerning his health and why he believes they are the right ones for him. He is not offering advice. That is not what his show is about.

People that mimic Joe Rogan options and beliefs may end up regretting it? Sure. In the same way, on many other issues, they may actually improve their lives. There are a lot of topics where the show is educational because Joe’s own journey of discovery ends in a good place. The better the guest, the higher the chance it will happen, and he has had some amazing guests over the years.

I am sad and troubled over Joe’s views on Covid vaccines. It is deplorable that his journey led him there. However, I don’t make up my mind based on his experience; neither should you or anyone else. You should listen to Medical Doctors on medical matters, not radio or podcast show hosts, no matter how smart or convincing they and their guest sound.


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