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Paulo Laureano
Paulo Laureano

You can find me on the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc) and the links are on the right site sidebar... however, you will notice that I do not (visit or) post  social networks all that much, so messages you leave there may take a while to reach me. 

There is a reason for this: I do not enjoy being a product, censored and subected to whatever random algorithm they use to build my timeline or share my posts. I do not like my content belonging to someone else the second I use their system. So I take the time and effort to have platforms I control. I am happy to share them with you.


Social networking & (micro/nano) blogging

I post random stuff in English on my Mastodon. You can join my mastodon instance (or create your own and access my content via federation) if you like. That is my nano-blog channel you can check my posts in this link:

I post random stuff in Portuguese on my own social network for friends and family (that you are welcome to join). That is my micro-blog channel, you can check my public posts here:


Games I have wrote for fun

I like coding and love arcade games. Over the years (since the Commodore Amiga days) I wrote a couple of games on impulse, because I was bored and wanted to play them. You can download them for free:


Other ways to reach me

You can reach me by e-mail:




Buy stuff from me or send me money

My articles, videos and games are all for free here. 

If you wanna buy me a beer or a cup of coffee I will be incredibly happy (and surprised) and will drink it thinking of you:  Just "tip me" when downloading on of my games on  or follow me on Medium (where people that write content get paid by people that read it: if you are a content creator or interested in high quality content I highly recommend you subscribe) - that would really make my day.

Seriously, I have nothing to "sell" you. :-)



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