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We are closer to finding aliens! But do we want to?

Paulo Laureano
Paulo Laureano Opinion

We may look like a planet filled with delicious lobsters to them…

Michio Kaku is a professor of theoretical physics at the City College of New York, a proponent of string theory, and a well-known science popularizer with several television appearances and successful books. Soon we will have the James Webb telescope in its orbit, fully deployed, and we will, for the first time, be able to observe thousands of planets. Hence, professor Michio Kaku thinks the chances that we will be able to make contact with alien civilizations are very high.

We all heard all kinds of theories about aliens — all kinds of possibilities, from them being very good to very bad, from friendly first contact to the destruction of the human race.

Science fiction often depicts humans successfully fending off alien invasions. Still, scientists are more convinced that an alien civilization with enough power to reach Earth could destroy human civilization with minimal effort. When it comes to having the technology to play any role in space, we are a very primitive race; we can barely get out of our backyard.

Douglas Vakoch, METI’s most prominent proponent, believes that if we don’t tell anyone we’re here, we risk missing out on new technologies that could help humanity or protect us from other, less friendly aliens. On the other hand, Stephen Hawking thought contact with an alien civilization might be a risky proposition.

I am siding with the pessimistic view. The whole concept of primitive civilization meeting a more advanced one never ended working well for the one with less technology and power.

I know there is a possibility aliens may be friendly vegans eager to give us technology and the secrets to happiness. But, somehow, I am more inclined to imagine them as predators eating us for breakfast or interested in earth resources and seeing us a pesky plague.

Either way, I would be delighted if we found them first. Study them. We correctly evaluate risks and then say, “hello, we come in peace” or not interfere in any way, shape, or form with them. However, I find it more likely that humans will exploit them (or the resources of their world) and act like obnoxious space conquerors. Like the “we are decent, respectful and caring” as resulted that well on Earth as far as our relationship with other species…

But aren’t UFOs real? Are they already among us? Of course, UFOs are real. We see flying objects, fail to identify them, and call them unidentified. Does that mean they have come from outer space? I HOPE NOT since I am not a proponent of the “good aliens” theory.

Even contact with alien viruses and bacteria is potentially disastrous to humans. So are you insane suggesting it’s a good idea to meet advanced alien civilizations? I think humans are cute, so are a lot of animals, and that did not prevent us from killing them as a recreational sport. Or for food. Or because they are in our way to getting something we want. We may not exactly look like a cute bipedal life-form that inspires a lot of sympathy. We probably look a lot like fire-ants or a gourmet exotic delicacy to alien eyes.

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