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The Pandemic Is Ending — According To Experts

Paulo Laureano
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Get a grip on reality; start planning your life and be extra-careful now!


History of pandemics (spoiler) review of our current situation

If the history of pandemics serves us right, eventually, epidemiologists will agree that we have reached the endemic stage. But exactly what this phase looks like, how many deaths it causes, and the risk of infection from it depends mainly on how serious the virus variants, including Omicron, turn out to be and how effective the measures we take against the disease are. It has happened before, and it will happen again.


A clear picture instead of recycled technical jargon?


This last mile in the race to survive is the hardest.

The decline in infection numbers is slower on the right side of graphic curves than the rise in cases on the left. It takes a couple of weeks for the rampant number of infections to fall.


Will COVID-19 still kill us when it becomes endemic?

No doubt the virus will still pose a potentially serious threat to the elderly and medically vulnerable, but the degree of suffering could be much less, closer to what we experienced in the worst pre-COVID flu seasons. So, yes, it will kill some of us, just like the flu and other endemic diseases.

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