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Passive income renting your network unused bandwidth

Looking deeper into the business behind it; who uses it and why.

Shout out to Nuno Bispo that wrote a story on how to install EarnApp on a Raspberry Pi: 


The “how to earn money” and “passive income” is all on his story. Check it out and leave him a round of applause if you like it. I just have one note, regarding the option to use another OS, rather than Raspbien, you do not have to since it is also supported and runs just fine.

Also the author is testing the app, to see if he gets anywhere near the advertised $75 estimated monthly return. I doubt it, so does he. Follow him to check the results.

WTF is Web scraping? You may ask.

It’s what search engines do while they are indexing a page. Also the strategy companies that sell price comparison tools use to keep their information updated.

Trouble is that web site owners may block their access; hence the need for them to have IPs addresses from home users available to use, distributing their accesses and becoming virtually undetected.

There are protocols to regulate Bot usage when scrapping sites. Web site owners may completely disallow their activity or restrict it to certain pages. Well, using these proxy servers, that becomes way harder to detect and enforce.

Bright Data

Bright Data is a leading home rotating proxy service provider offering one of the world’s largest and fastest IP networks with real peers.

They “rent” bandwidth from residential users (at a lower price) and then resell proxy access to web scrappers for as high as $15 per Gb. There are lower rates for companies that buy higher monthly data. Source:

The value paid to residential users, per Gb, varies from country to country. For example, in Portugal, every Gb is worth $0.5. If you are interested in getting passive income from your network access: (Available from Mac, Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi)

Their rotating residential proxies are real devices; therefore, they are not detected when used correctly (by the site being scrapped).

Alternatives to Brightdata for web scrapers

Proxyland is another option for web scraping and data routing with residential proxies. Oxylabs allows you to control and manage your data or proxy usage from the control panel, so you never run out of traffic and keep scraping the Internet.

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