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“Don’t Look Up” (Netflix) Left a Sour Taste in My Mouth…

Paulo Laureano
Paulo Laureano Opinion

The sarcastic view of America felt too close to reality.

Ten years ago, if the movie existed, I would tell you I disliked American society’s dystopian view. It would feel unrealistic, an exaggeration that went way too far, and it could never get this crazy. My issue with the movie is that it’s pretty realistic, punctual exaggeration notwithstanding, which bothers me; a lot.

I understand why so many top-tier actors accepted to participate in this one. But, unfortunately, I can instantly hear in my mind the voices from the right-wing arguing that it is left-wing propaganda. It is meant to pass a political message and be entertaining while at it, but I think it fails on both fronts.

I honestly believe the craziness would vanish instantly if American society faced a common enemy of such biblical proportions. History shows us that. Even with some of the most idiotic politicians ever, and fractured society, they will rise to meet the challenge when the need arises. This movie casts some doubt in my idealistic views; that is why it bothers me so much.

Since I am talking so much about a movie, let me “review” the film itself: high production values, great acting, average screenplay, dark humor I find disturbing and not funny.

I am a European. I do not live in America. So I can only hope the divisiveness is inaccurate or not so prevalent. But, from an ocean away, it does not look good. At all.

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