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Learn to code with C

Paulo Laureano
Paulo Laureano Book

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Start slowly, learn the basics, don't be lazy and experiment on your computer. This can be hard, you are not stupid, persevere and you will get it.

I recommend you do your learning in the morning, after a good night rest, in sessions that last just a couple of hours. Caffeine is not a replacement for a well slept night.

What you learn from the book is pretty much applicable on every Operating System and computer, not just the Raspberry pi.

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Linux users, particularly those using the Raspberry pi, have all the tools they need pre-installed (the wonders of using a free operating system that happens to be far better than its commercial counterparts never ceases to amaze me...).

For Windows users I suggest you use Codeblocks (compiler and IDE/editor):

Mac users will probably try to use Xcode, however, I think the IDE/editor is terrible for beginners. I would suggest you install Xcode, add the command line tools (part of the installation) and then use Sublime text : to write and test your code. It's much better (even for seasoned coders).


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