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After Ukraine's annihilation, Putin's next target will be Moldova.

Paulo Laureano
Paulo Laureano War

Moldova's constitutional neutrality makes it an easy target...

Just like what we have seen with Ukraine, the entire world will stand by while Russians make their moves. Moldova is not a member of NATO. Putin will continue to test everyone's limits and expand its territory. In the meantime, Europe will continue to finance him by buying Gas while publicly stating their outrage and support for the ravished nations.
Will sanctions hurt the Russian economy in the long term? Maybe. They certainly failed to stop Putin from invading a neighborly country. 
The only thing that may save Moldova is adopting a Belarus-like behavior and simply doing whatever Putin demands. In other words, they either comply with the Bully or suffer the consequences. They will be standing alone, outside of moral support from the rest of the world, much like Ukraine was.
After taking Ukraine, how long will Putin take to roll its evil eyes to the next target? Your guess is as good as mine. Unfortunately, I cannot read the mind of a lunatic dictator bully from Russia. But I have a feeling it won't take him long.
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