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The world at war; economically. Ukrainians bleeding. 

Paulo Laureano
Paulo Laureano War

Yet, while we are all involved, Ukrainian blood is committed. Big difference!

None of Putin’s threats that prevent direct military intervention from the rest of the world in Ukraine have a validation date or are in some way specific to that particular country. Putin can use the same arguments to invade any other country.

Putin believes a country has no reason to exist and should be part of Russia? Check.

Russia wants a regime change because imaginary nazis are controlling the country? Double-check. He started with a country with a Jewish president. Reality does not prevent the false narrative.

Any non-NATO country is just a potential target using the same arguments. The truth is that this will not end until the world stands up to the Russian army militarily.

We cannot avoid the elephant in the room: If anyone interferes, is Russia willing to engage in a nuclear war? Is Putin ready to ensure the mutual global destruction of humanity?



Chess vs Poker

A few days ago, Garry Kasparov was interviewed about recent actions from the Russian leadership. He stated that Putin’s actions were more akin to a Poker player than a chess grandmaster.

On a chess game, every piece is visible; the only element of unpredictability is each player’s strategy. There are no bets. No bluffing. No incomplete information, just a limited set of options.

Poker is as much a game about human physique as it is a game of cards. When you open bets with a high stake, you command respect, you test every player’s willingness to fight. You may win the hand outright, regardless of what cards you hold, just by playing on the opponent’s fears.

Putin has declared himself willing to go “All in”. Any nation willing to take him on knows of the stark consequences of meeting the challenge. Mind you; he did not go all in; he said he would be willing to — big difference. Nevertheless, he raised the stakes beyond the limits of every other nation’s world leader’s stomach. Except Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The Ukrainian people and its brave president were the only ones who were not allowed to choose if they wanted to participate in this destruction game.



All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing

Putin knows this. Hitler knew this.

Good men tend to forget it every time! Sociopaths count on it.

The sacrifice of the Ukrainian people, while we all get the spine to face the inevitable, that we will have to face this evil man, and potentially the destruction of everything we love, is disgusting. But we will have to face it! The question is, will we do it sooner or later? Before or after, the brave Ukrainians die at the hand of evil?

I do not want to die. I loved everything about my life before the dark clouds of war appeared on the horizon. I would love to see this existential threat to humanity go away by the power of economic sanctions. But, unfortunately, I don’t believe it will go away. I think Putin is just beginning, that after Ukraine, he will set its sights on the next target, using the same book of threats, and will keep going until its challenge is met with brute force.

Bullies don’t change their actions by being punished with detention. Instead, they stop when they get hit in the nose, hard. This particular bully has nuclear weapons. The only thing that can save us is the concept that someone will be able to prevent him from killing everyone among Russians. In a conventional war, the Russians will be defeated. The real danger comes afterward.

If Hitler had the option to destroy the world at the moment of suicide, would he have done it? I believe he would. Instead of blowing his brains out, he would have killed everyone. He would see no point in letting the human race go on. I believe the same applies to Putin.

Our only hope rests with the Russian army taking that option away from this maniac at the last moment. This does not look good anyway we look at it.

Yes, I am worried. I want to be wrong. But I see no good reason to drag this terrible game for much longer and sacrifice nations to this sociopath. I hope the world leaders realize this a bit faster than those who faced Hitler one century ago. There is nothing to be won by letting the beast kill a few million people; in the end, we will have to face him.


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