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War is coming. There is no escape.

Paulo Laureano
Paulo Laureano War

Unfortunately, there is a sociopath with nuclear weapons in the Kremlin.

The world is in chaos. No one was remotely prepared for the savage aggression unleashed by Putin on Europe. However, everyone slowly realizes that Ukraine is just the beginning. Sanctions are as useless to stop the Russian sociopath as hopes and prayers.

Germany’s Chancellor Scholz announces his country will start spending more than 2% of GDP on defense. Every European country must follow suit, and I am not sure we have the time for a slow build-up of military forces. Putin will not give us the time.

The close ties between Russia and China should be a cause for concern. While China seems to be exercising some restraint on the public stage, I am not confident we won’t see a Pearl Harbor moment from them.


Winds of war

Russia has weakened the USA in recent years. The Republican party is in shambles. Donald Trump is a weak-minded conman, a Putin puppet, still keeps around 35% of Americans living in a propaganda-generated parallel world bought and paid by Russia. Where do you think loans to Trump have come from for decades now?

To this day, I hear these fools spread nonsensical fears about their southern borders. They are afraid some south American, non-English fellow attempting to escape poverty, come clean some bathrooms and steal “their jobs”. What television networks, like FOX News, are doing is borderline criminal and the most significant propaganda operation ever seen. And it is working. I am still expecting some idiot, probably Tucker Carlston, to call the Russians invading Ukraine tourists. They did it for the capital attack; I would not be surprised to see it applied to invading Russian forces.

Trump did its best to sabotage and dismantle NATO. It failed. Trump also attempted to get the US out of commercial agreements, even out of the World Health Organization — in the middle of a pandemic! A lot of people died in America needlessly on account of the epic mismanagement of the pandemic by a completely ill-prepared fool. The amount of damage he was able to achieve is remarkable. Make no mistake; the US credibility on the world stage was greatly affected, all in preparation for what Putin was planning to unleash on the world.

Russian money was also funneled to fund extreme left and right-wing parties in Europe. The same happened in Brazil. So it is no coincidence the bootlicking of Bolsonaro on the eve of the invasion of Ukraine. Putin did his homework. For years…


War is inevitable now; you are not safe!

Ukraine was just the beginning. A sociopath with a large conventional army and nuclear weapons in the Kremlin has been preparing for this moment for years.

Are we ready for him? No. We are not. Just like we were not prepared for Hitler in the 1930s. We are all shocked, humming strong words on social networks and changing profile images to support Ukraine. I have news for you: Putin does not care the least about your Twitter posts and Facebook profile pictures. He cares even less about your positions of strength and memes.

One aspect of Putin’s rhetoric that caught everyone off-guard was the threat to use nuclear weapons. Mind you; he is perfectly capable of doing it. Moreover, I believe he will do it in the face of defeat in a conventional war. Like I think Hitler would have if he had the option at the time.

The only way this ends well, meaning without global destruction, is if Russian generals at some point take him out. The problem is, Putin knows it. So I don’t think Putin will ever surrender, and this will not end well.

I am sorry if I sound pessimistic. This is the most dangerous moment in our collective lives. I honestly feel Putin is evil personified and that we are about to get back to the stone age.


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